If you weren’t following the back and forth between Brick Squad and Gucci Mane over the weekend then we’ve used our Trap Rosetta Stone to break it all down. It boils down to a giant extension of the Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka beef that now involves OJ Da Juiceman, allegations that Gucci paid for Young Vito’s lawyer during his murder trial over the death of Slim Dunkin, Waka’s mom/manager Deb Antney and more. Even Whoo Da Kidd got his name drug through the mud during all of this.

All of this beef comes on the heels that Gucci has reportedly been dropped by Atlantic Records according to an anonymous source.

We’ve counted only one beef track is set to drop over all of this but given how much Gucci loves to tweet and use his spacebar, we’ve got to break down every tweet Big Guwop decided to lay on us this weekend. His use of the spacebar is quite legendary and punctuation knows no limits with him at all. He’s the poet laureate of Twitter trap-thuggery.

Translation: Gucci Mane openly professes his disdain for Brick Squad. States that every Brick Squad chain he’s bought for an artist on Brick Squad has gotten stolen. In such a regal notion, he brushes them off with a “pitiful”.

Translation: Mr. Gucci Mane has never been robbed. All of the members of Brick Squad have at least been shot. Bullets don’t look at Big Gucc. They get aimed the other way. He now refers to himself in third person as “CEO”.

Translation: Frenchie, Waka Flocka’s cousin has now entered the conversation, stating that Gucci stole money from them. His spelling of lable is immaculate.

Translation: Gucci doesn’t address Frenchie by name but continues on. He states with eloquence that French Montana could have signed to Deb Antney (Waka Flocka’s mom & Mizay Entertainment CEO) for $60,000. Gucci was offended by the advance money. Gave it to Deb, once more calls himself rich. He also says that before that, French probably had never seen 60K and that his six-year old son could outrap Frenchie and earn more than 60K, even wipe his buttocks with it. Now Gucci says Deb stole half a million from OJ Da Juiceman.

Translation: Gucci holds no love in his heart for Young Vito and denies paying for his lawyer.

Translation: Once more, Frenchie is distraught over finding out that Gucci allegedly paid for Young Vito’s lawyer. Gucci once more denies such a claim and asks Frenchie to prove something. Also, Frenchie is homeless.

Translation: Gucci once more does back to not addressing Frenchie by name, but does give him credit for being of higher intelligence than OJ The Juiceman considering that he is Deb’s nephew. La Flare then questions the whereabouts of Waka Flocka Flame and how little financial gain he gets for flying to igloos and thirty people showing up. La Flare would get that same amount just for performing at a highly profitable strip club.

Translation: Mr. La Flare, obviously annoyed by the continuing mention of Young Vito, says he doesn’t know Vito nor payed for his lawyer. He does lob a threat towards Brick Squad’s way saying that someone will be on an RIP T-shirt the same way Slim Dunkin was from the (Brick) Squad.

Translation: Gucci let’s it be known once more than he got not a single cent from French Montana and that he paid $60K for Brick Squad and 15K for OJ Da Juiceman. Brick Squad however in his eyes can’t even produce 15K. He once more tells Frenchie indirectly that he’s broke, homeless and that every member of his crew has been robbed of their chain at some point. Gucci and 1017 signee Young Scooter? Never has a gun been pulled on them for a chain.

Translation: Mr. La Flare details that Wooh has been shot, Waka has been shot and even his mother has been shot. OJ got shot but that’s fine, Frenchie has been shot as well. Sadly Slim Dunkin is not longer with us but Gucci lets out a big laugh and declares himself as healthy and plentiful in his pockets as ever before.

Translation: Once more showing his real powers, Mr. Guwop indirectly tells Waka Flocka to not have his label (Atlantic) call about being bought out from under him unless they pay his fee of $1 million. Matter of factly, Mr. Guwop sneers at Waka and tells him if he has $1 million, buy himself out of his own deal. He also states that Deb Antney’s thievery has once more put OJ at the Texaco hustling and making the trap say “Aye!”

Translation: Continuing on his walk through the park, Mr. La Flare states he has no heart for rappers Young Jeezy, T.I., Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Wooh Da Kid, Frenchie, 2 Chainz, manager Coach K, Eminem, OJ Da Juiceman, Rocko, Quavo, Takeoff, Cardo & Dam G. Two of the last members mentioned are memebrs of the “Versace” group Migos.

Translation: Big Guwop admits that the image below is more than just an illustration.


Translation: Mr. La Flare is a man of helping people out. He says he moved Nicki Minaj to Atlanta, calling her out of her name but at least let her sleep in a car, and pulled her off of Lil Wayne’s tour bus. He also says his ways of intervention do not involve talking or prayer circles or seances but rather his penis down her throat.

Translation: Back when they were friends, Waka & Mr. Mane ran trains on women, sometimes in the same vein as Lil Wayne & Baby as Baby professed on the Cash Money seminal classic “Number #1 Stunna”. The woman of choice here? Tyga’s baby mother Blac Chyna who according to Gucc, participated in a foursome with he, DJ Holiday & Waka. Waka loves smashing women in their ass while Holiday receives oral sex, according to Sir Gucc.

Translation: While Ciara was involved with one 50 Cent, Mr. La Flare astutes that he enjoyed Ciara’s riding skills. He also points a finger at Kelly, whom we may presume is Kelly Rowland why did she come to some of Atlanta’s more known strip clubs with him while she was dating Ludacris’ manager Shaka Zulu.

Translation: Gucci then asks Rocko, he of “UOENO” fame if he holds any pain in his heart for Monica and wishes they were back together. He stresses phrase “resent ment” as a sign of tribute to Morgan Freeman and Frederick Douglass.

Translation: The esteemed Mr. Mane admits to having a threesome with Keyshia Cole and a random white woman in Orlando, Florida. And uses Coach K as a character witness.

Translation: During the time she spent dating Young Dro, Mr. Mane, Esq. states that Fantasia was giving him oral adulation at an Atlanta chain of the Four Seasons. He gives her props on her sexual prowess.

Translation: Showing that he even cares about women who have been criticized for looking like muppet characters, Mr. La Flare, Dutch Of 1017 declares his love for wanting to sleep with Tiny, current wife of T.I. and VH1's version of Claire Huxtable. He also names executives at Atlantic Records and tells them in the most DMX-ian of manners to take heed to his penis.

Translation: Gucci has given Waka $250,000 for an unknown reason while outfitting himself with a million. He also tells him to commit one of the strangest acts imaginable and to eat his own mother's ass. He also calls XXL editor in chief Vanessa Staten a groupie and that she's heavy.

Translation: The Honorable Mr. La Flare jabs at Yo Gotti, saying that he wanted to be like he and adversary Jeezy forever. He has a nickname to them, "Guzzzy". Mr. La Flare does not keep himself separate from the side women of other rappers, stating that whatever wench belongs to him belongs to his fellow rapers and vice versa. He also wonders about the code of, "Sharing hoes if thou is a real n*gga."

Translation: Gucci Mane is a keeper of women of ill refute. He builds them up and places them on a pedestal. He states that Yo Gotti fears him and he has some situation of them on video. He also tosses names of various video vixens into the air like LeBron and the chalk from Maliah Michel, Yaris Sanchez, Keyshia Dior & Jessica from King of Diamonds. Their orifices have met Mr. La Flare's.

Translation: Mane, owner of Gucci believes that real will always recognize far more real things. Thus, he sends Tiny back under the bus by calling her ugly and that Keyshia Dior is by no means a woman of the church. He admits to tricking on women, mainly because of his $5 million a year gains in show money.

Translation: Due to his earlier statement about Rocko, Rocko came to see the Trap Lord and asked him a single question. He almost saw the Lord to report to him an adlib from Rich Homie Quan's "Type Of Way". He states that Rocko ran off like Eric in 'Coming To America' and ran away. He then tapped his stomach and looked into distant space and yelled, "Who's next?"

Translation: Disregarding the belief no grown man should spell come like "cum", Trap Lord Gucci asks Rocko to come back so they can finish having a chat.

Translation: Being the rap game Debo that he is, Mr. La Flame chuckles and says he should have gone in Rocko's pockets, announcing that he had a switchblade on him. He then tells him to go to McDonalds and bring him a combo, not necessarily telling us if he wanted a #1 or a 20-piece chicken nugget for less than $5.

Translation: Dreaming about Blac Chyna again, Big Gwuop once more reminds Tyga that the hole which may not be hairy (which also may disgust Pimp C) is pretty good to hit. He also says free his Haitian comrade Stan from prison.

Translation: After saying how he wanted to steal Rocko's Rolex for his bam (baby mother), the esteemed Gucci once more runs through a list of women he has either smashed or wants to smash. Taraji P. Henson gets included into the list and wants them all to wear tennis skirts and he'll pay them $10K.