As a child of the ’80s, RoboCop was easily the most violent joyride of its time. Trust me, the scene where Alex Murphy gets shot damn near to hell by Kurtwood Smith (or the dad from That 70s Show) is easily one of the bloodiest in film and given that it was futuristic Detroit? Utterly amazing.

Since Hollywood can’t leave well enough alone, they’re rolling out a 2014 edition of the Detroit crimefighter, this time with The Killing star Joe Kinnaman taking on the role of the lead character. Samuel L. Jackson & Gary Oldman both have prominient roles in the film which will once again be set in Detroit. The plot revolves around Murphy (Kinnaman) being grossly injured in a car explosion and becoming the first subject for OmniCorp’s plans to combat crime in Detroit in an entirely new way utilizing a robot police force.

Of course what differs here is how Murphy becomes RoboCop but there’s an added emphasis on drone strikes (the use of robots to dictate right or wrong), how we interpret free will and more. Director José Padilha helms an all-star cast including Michael K. Williams, Oldman, Michael Keaton (!) & Jackson. See the trailer below and catch it in theaters on February 7th.