Eddie Murphy - Red Light (f. Snoop Lion)

Yes, it’s true. Eddie Murphy, the man responsible for such memorable characters (for good reasons) such as Axel Foley, Sherman Klump, and Prince Akeem of Zamunda, and (for bad reasons) Rasputia and Pluto Nash, has joined Twitter. And apparently not just for fun. Eddie appears to be setting his acting career aside briefly to record an album, slated to be entitled 9. And Murphy took to Twitter today to reveal 9‘s first single, “Red Light” featuring Snoop Lion.

I’m sure the slander cannons are already being loaded, especially given Eddie’s “hooded” look on the single art. But music isn’t a new avenue for the actor. ’80s babies especially will remember Murphy’s classic catchy track “Party All The Time” and its ensuing album. But “Red Light” definitely isn’t pop-tastic as “Party All The Time” was. Reggae through and through down to its crashing drums and mood-setting guitar twangs, “Red Light” actually sounds… well, good. Or at least good enough to make a crowd get their island wine on.

We’ll get to see how serious Eddie is about all this when the official video for “Red Light” arrives next week, but for now, you can enjoy the track below.