It almost seemed like Jon S’ promotional kick for Recycle Good Music would stall out around the time his Kappa orientated jams started to dominate college parties at the end of this past spring. A remix to “Lane 2 Lane” with WhyJae & his own “June 27th” rendition kept things a little bit hot but the simplistic shoot for tape standout “1986” should intensify a few things.

The clip, directed by Loso of HoustonTREND focuses upon jon, a silver Dodge Charger parked and alternating shots of him performing and him sitting on the steps of an apartment complex with a friend holding on to a pit. Cue every single menacing DMX video trait there but the evidence is pretty much set. Jon S, whether casually able to reminisce about his father’s wise words or his own thoughts about the current state of the Houston rap game cares solely about advancement, at the expense of his contemporaries. Purely recyclable thoughts.