While men across the country might yelling in horror at the following news, ladies and Twitter faithful are jumping for joy. ‘Scandal’ is back.

The highly addictive drama starring Kerry Washington as Washington fixer Olivia Pope and her special team of “Gladiators” has grown substantially from its initial debut to become one of ABC’s breakout shows and it has social media to thank for it. So judging from how last season ended with Olivia’s affair with President Fitzgerald Grant being out in the public eye, this upcoming season is going to be plenty of drama including new cast member Lisa Kudrow as a politician and more backstory given to Harrison and Abby, especially towards Harrison and his undying loyalty to Liv. Plus, Cyrus is still crazy as all hell, alluding to a “kill file” on Olivia and then more. You won’t have to wait long to figure out what happened as Season 3 kicks off only minutes after Season 2 concluded.

Strap yourself in, ‘Scandal’ returns on October 3rd.