I truly believed that Pandora had created the 40 hour per month free music limitation just to torture other semi-productive Americans like myself. Sunday, Pandora goes back to being a lovable mobile listening service as it ends its much maligned 40-hour cap on streaming music.

In an e-mail sent to subscribers (image below), Pandora CEO Tim Westgreen ensured listeners that they were going back to what they originally intended with the music service which he create in January of 2000. “We’re thrilled to be able to do what we’ve always meant to do — maximize access to free listening.”

The effects of the cap could be seen in Pandora’s pockets. Royalties ate up 52% of revenue in their second quarter, down from 59% last year. Subscription and other forms of revenue grew to 18%, up from 11% a year prior but total net loss grew 44% to the tune of $7.8 million.

With one cost cutting measure comes two others according to Billboard. The service introduced a new limit on song skipping, continuing their long standing six-songs per station standing as per DMCA guidelines. Now Pandora also limits listeners to 12 skips in a rolling 24-hour period. They’ve also included a sleep timer that shuts off music in a predetermined period of time.


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