Aaron Hernandez At Attleboro District Court

If you’re Aaron Hernandez’ defense attorney, the last thing you want to see is a pretty damning piece of great journalism by a reporter. That’s pretty much what occurred when Rolling Stone writer Paul Solotaroff unearthed a ton of information regarding the now incarcerated former New England Patriot, alluding to numerous bullet points that no doubt build a character image of someone ripe with paranoia and years of internal strife.

In the article, “Gangster In The Huddle”, Solotaroff builds upon some key points including that Hernandez was an angel dust abuser whose paranoia caused him to carry a gun almost at all times and that Odin Lloyd’s death didn’t just result from Hernandez possible involvement in a double homicide in Boston in July 2012 but an argument the two had at a nightclub two days before Lloyd’s death. It also goes on to say that his life in his hometown of Bristol, CT wasn’t all peaches and cream and that both of his parents had gotten in trouble with the law, his mother had cheated on his father with an abusive drug dealer boyfriend and that his college coach Urban Meyer covered up numerous indiscretions from drug tests to a shootout in order to keep his star tight end on the field.

The entire story is a rather fascinating read into Hernandez’ life and if any of it boils down to be true — especially the stuff about Meyer, we’re talking major, major NCAA violations and a strike against Hernandez’ already building case that could see him tossed away for life.

As for the PCP part — how in the hell did that not come up in NFL drug tests?