Feel the hairs on your neck starting to become a bit more erect? That’s probably because you heard the initial hand claps and synth warbles from The Foreign Exchange’s newest tune “Call It Home” and got to dancing. More in tune with a far more “progressive & B” sound, Phonte & Nicolay skitter around with a shape shifting instrumental and Tigallo once more daring us to get a chorus or three stuck in our head. “I’m so lost when I’m away, tried so long to find a place,” he fairly affirms on the track while letting his rapping duties take hold on the B-side “Pity” where the beat once more grows in grander form with a wall of synths following up Tay’s stellar verse.

Oh, that “absconding” word? Expect your favorite intellectuals to start dropping that along with Breaking Bad references. You can go ahead and get in line to cop FE’s upcoming Love In Flying Colors LP via Amazon and watch the promo trailer to the LP in “Her” below.