I think our shots at Miley Cyrus, her Hank Hill sized cakes and everything in between will be saved for a later moment. Until then and until somebody who’s pretty keen about summing things up in a nice cultural bubble — we’re stuck looking at the other half of Miley — the one where her actual musical talent brought her to the dance.

“Wrecking Ball”, produced by Dr. Luke (aka the guy who just makes pop hits out of thin air) carries a bit of emotion to it behind neat guitar strings and synth plucks. It also proves to be a far better representation of what Cyrus could be in her new form, singing with a power ballad like vocal rise, “all I wanted was to break you off, but all you did was break me”. You know, only evoking her ratchet presence at times on records. Just find a balance between being shocking in public and rather decent on records (save for “We Can’t Stop” as it’s truly a grating sit through) and watch the money pile up. Now keep your appropriation slander on stand by when her album Bangerz drops on October 8th.