Next Tuesday, you and your friends will be invited into the world of Juicy J as his Stay Trippy album will finally see the light of day. If you’re already indulged yourself in the leaked version of the LP then you already know what the album will be doing to clubs and your life for the next few months. If you haven’t, just try to avoid your friends that have for a few days.

But the album isn’t the point of this. No, not at all. You see, Jordan Houston is a man of the people. Especially of the twerking people. That’s why he’s offering up $50,000 to some stripper down on her luck with school bills lucky woman who can prove she can twerk the best. Yes America, Sallie Mae does not stand a chance against the Juice Man and his charity for the best twerk members in these United States.


Of course, twerking is actually optional here as Juicy is offering up $50,000 to any woman between the ages of 18-25 who are currently enrolled in an accredited college have between now and September 30 to submit a video via YouTube or Worldstar telling or “showing” Juicy just why they deserve to win the money.