The Numb3rs Committee took matters into their own hands this past Friday night at the infamous Warehouse Live green room which has become synonymous with local hip-hop shows in Houston. Luckily, the boys in blue weren’t on hand to witness this murder as Yoady-Yo, Mike Red, George Young, Trilly, Reginald Ghonson, C.I.T.Y, Jodii B. Basik, and Onehunnidt all hit the stage for a full house of rabid and at times restless fans. Or maybe it was just me more restless than others thanks to an 8-hour shift, 200 kids that needed my attention and what seemed like a rap show inside of a sauna.

Even a surprise performance from the Philly native Sean Falyon accompanied by Jack Freeman held the crowd over before the rest of the Numb3rs committee became accessories to the crime. Somewhere in between Mike Red and George Young took to the stage with performances that i’m sure garnered new fans. Trilly, a resident of SF2’s Kickback Sundays had the crowd hype with his performance of “Liquor Store” as he and a handful of others joined him on stage to amplify the tracks already high energy. While technical difficulties arose it still didn’t deter Reginald Ghonson from commanding the audiences attention as he opened his set with “We Rollin”. I couldn’t help but notice the group of beautiful women sporting t-shirts that boasted “I’m with Reggie” the support was real as most of the women traveled from Atlanta to watch Reggie display his talents.

It was halfway through Jodii B.’s set that he surprised me as he took the more intimate approach performing his sensual song “Clitar” on a stool even walking the audience step by step through the dance he created to help ensure you hit the right notes on the clitar. He wasn’t at a loss for sexual metaphors but I’m sure somebody is going to want to strum a few … when the time approaches.

DJ Donnie Houston was on hand to keep what seemed like a family affair going throughout the night with a good mix of popular local and mainstream tunes. No family affair is complete without food of course, as local food vendor Stufferz was on hand to provide the eats. Performances from C.I.T.Y whose set began with a poetic piece from poet Natae rounded out the night before Onehunnidt would easily end what could be considered a successful night for the committee. Guest spots from both Go Phigga and Sean Falyon also made Onehunnidt’s performance worth the wait.

Good tunes, good times, and good food is what you can expect at any SoloniaMedia show and this one was no different. Each artist that touched the stage simply killed it.