If you still thought Sean Falyon was bluffing after dropping three consecutive mixtapes all entitled SFBE widely known as Sean Falyon Be Everywhere… well guess again to much of my surprise the moniker came to life right before my eyes as I casually bumped into the Atlanta by way of Philly rapper last night at the Murder by the Numbers hip-hop concert in Houston. 

Independent emcees can learn a lot from a guy like Falyon who with no major co-sign the rapper’s work ethic and success thus far speaks for itself. From your computer speakers to your TV screen you never know where Sean is going to surface. Be sure to keep your eyes open and your ears to the street because your city might be next.

Sean even hit the stage treating the crowd to a live rendition of “Humble” one of the tracks from SFBE III: Do Me No Favors and “The Night” with vocal assistance from the soulful Jack Freeman off his most recent and most personal project December. I got a chance to chat with the bearded one after his set about his recent appearance on BET ‘s 106 & Park Backroom Freestyle, his upcoming project, and his love for all things Texas. 

Monica: Congrats, on your recent appearance on BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Room. How did that come about and what was the experience like?

Sean: Thanks, anything you see me on is something I wanted to do. I figured out who I needed to get in contact with, my resume, and with the help of my friend Dollie Bishop who works for Nick Cannon she hit up one of the people at BET and they hit me back a couple weeks later. The experience was great, I just like rapping outside of making songs, I love to rap. It also gave me an opportunity to let people know I love Atlanta but I’m from West Philly. The first verse to the freestyle was, “I’m a West Philly boy.”

Monica: What is the culture of hip-hop in Atlanta like and how do you fit in?

Sean: I’ve lived in Atlanta for nine years it’s the gift that keeps on giving as far as music because its not necessarily one type of hip-hop there. You can hear one type on the radio and go to a show and experience another type. The city influences my sound a lot and keeps giving me inspiration. It’s always good when I travel and come back and get the love in Atlanta.

Monica: So what brings you back to Texas?

Sean: The first time I ever came to Texas was at SXSW in Austin which was a crazy experience. My first show was ridiculous it was a sea of people on a rooftop there was even a professor from NYU who wanted me to come to the college .. It didn’t happen but the thought was cool.

My first time coming to Houston was last year for my show at Fitzgeralds. It was dope the audience was receptive … it was great they show love here. Also y’all ladies are great and of course I love Frenchy’s.

Monica: What can we expect from your upcoming project?

Sean: SFBE was super feature heavy it had Lloyd, Freddie Gibbs … Bone Crusher and a few others. SFBE II & III had less features along with December which had like two rappers this time around I’m not feature focused I just wanna make dope music. I’m working with a few of the same artist and producers from my previous releases… Indiana Rome who featured on “Work Inn” off December , M Stacks a producer from Cleveland, and Lee John a 16 year old producer from Mississippi who produced “Humble” and a few other tacks off SFBE III. I actually listen to every beat sent to my email; I want to work with whoever sends me dope shit. If we vibe, we work…I charge for features though. [Laughs]

Monica: Which do you prefer the studio or the stage?

Sean: I love the stage, my studio is my laptop, my small ass MBOX, and my mic in my closet.When people come in town they’re like “let’s hit the studio” I don’t like big studios but for features it’s cool, I make the best shit walking around the crib I come up with a hook and a verse and go record it. I actually recorded SFBE and SFBE II at Tree Sounds one of the biggest studios in Atlanta.