If you know Jay Bilas then you know the former Duke Blue Devil turned lawyer and ESPN college basketball analyst has been on a warpath about the hypocrisy of the NCAA. Among the number of insulting things the governing body of college athletics does to profit off of its student athletes? Jersey sales.

Well Bilas wasn’t having any of it and during a massive Twitter spree Tuesday he lit a fire under the NCAA, exposing that the group sells jerseys with knowledge of certain players. Search “Manziel” and a #2 Texas A&M jersey pops up. Search “Clowney” and a #7 South Carolina jersey pops up. And so on. And so forth. Bilas even exposed that the NCAA was even selling autographed photos of Reggie Bush, you know, a guy who was deemed a social pariah by the NCAA due to its USC sanctions, stripped him of the Heisman Trophy he earned in 2005.

By the way if you hadn’t caught on — student athletes get absolutely nothing from jersey sales. Hell, they have to keep a part-time job on the hush otherwise the big bad boys in Indianapolis are going to come sniffing around. So after Bilas went on with exposing the NCAA and its hypocrisy, they did the smart thing and shut down the search option on the site.

Today, NCAA President Mark Emmert came out and openly made it known that ShopNCAA.com would stop selling jerseys & merchandise, calling the practice “a mistake”. Right, the only mistake you made? You let Jay Bilas catch you slippin’ while he was bumping every single lyric of Young Jeezy’s “Trap Or Die”.