Love Dominique - Wicked Heart_LP_cover

Since the end of spring, Love Dominique has been making all kinds of waves by way of her Wicked Heart EP. First recognized by XXL Magazine for her gorgeous looks, it would be Dominique’s charm on wax, her sultry voice and come-hither coos on tracks like “Old Thing Back (Freestyle)” and “Down,” that would make the biggest impression for the Houston native singer. If the EP seemed short, it’s because the R&B songbird planned to package a longer version of the project in a retail edition. And now, we have a better idea of what the long-player version of Wicked Heart will have in store.

Exactly seven tracks deep, Wicked Heart the LP may on surface seem to be as short as its teaser predecessor, especially given that EP standouts “Down” and “Goin’ Hard” will appear here as well. But don’t be swayed away from what Love Dominique’s cooking up; her old-school-meets-early-90s smoky vocals are a force to be reckoned with and nothing to be slept on. Who knows – you might even “Love” what you hear.

Check out the tracklisting for Love Dominique’s Wicked Heart album below. The LP drops on September 3, though if you’re already anxious for it, you can pre-order it here.

1. Show Out
2. Down
3. Come Back
4. All I Do
5. Goin’ Hard
6. Hard to Get
7. Follow The Leader