The summer in terms of sports coverage has basically boiled down to two topics – Alex Rodriguez and Johnny Manziel. One is a pariah mostly because of his own doing and his own insecurities. The other is your 20-year old Heisman winner who parties like a legend, acts like a complete legend on the field and remains in the news on a consistent basis — so much so that ESPN could easily be a vessel for Manziel’s publicity whether it be good or bad.

The latest news for Manziel was broken by ESPN, the same people who damned him for what happened at the Manning Passing Academy and had its magazine write a pretty interesting look into his life. According to the report, Manziel accepted a cash payment of an undisclosed fee, reportedly to be in the five figure range for signing autographs this past January in Miami. The broker, Drew Tieman, apparently agreed with Manziel to have the memorabilia signed and two witnesses say Manziel signed autographs, yet don’t recall any money being transferred.

For all this hoopla on Manziel, A&M and college football, the biggest winner is the most crooked piece of governing body in the land — the NCAA. Face it, the big cats who sit in Indianapolis and lord over college sports with an iron fist care nothing about its athletes getting a bigger stipend for basically playing a man’s game for free. They don’t care that former players cannot benefit from being included in video games, even if the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit looks to change all that. The NCAA in all of its omnipresent, all wielding power makes Frank White in ‘King of New York’ seem small time by how much they want their hands in everything and restrict their players to get very little.

If Manizel did accept money for signing autographs, shame on him. He’s already financially set being the beneficiary of an oil family. If the broker Drew Tieman offered Manziel the money knowing full well Manziel shouldn’t even think about accepting it then he’s a scumbag and lurer of fame for his own profit.

A&M has made plenty of loot off of the legend of Johnny Football. $37 million according to a report filed by The Big Lead and the school hasn’t be in the news for this much those years they either upset Oklahoma or get smoked by Oklahoma to the tune of 77-0. And considering that this news came on the eve of training camp for the Aggies in what is possibly a potential National Championship season for them? They can’t wait for the summer to be over so they can step onto Kyle Field, play Rice and bludgeon them to death in a tune up before the Alabama supergame.

As for the future of their star quarterback? If this investigation turns out to be true as opposed to more hearsay than anything then Manziel’s NFL chances fall right in line with that of Tyrann Mathieu a season ago. Both were hyped, both are undersized for their respective positions and both play the game with such a schoolyard flair that neither of them work stuff in a “traditional” setting. Will he get drafted by the Cowboys just to make Cowboys fans either irate or drool at the potential thought of a Texas kid playing for the most prestigious football team in the state? Maybe. But don’t count on him being a first-round pick after only playing a single year of big time football.

That being said, watch Manziel skate the entire season while blasting 2 Chainz’ “Feds Watchin'” while he’s on the verge of playing some squad in Pasadena for the national title.