These #newrules folks are starting to get a little deal happy. Ciara’s latest album Ciara is a pretty cool jaunt from her, a nice collection of dance tracks and late night bedroom burners (“Body Party” is an undeniable hit, trust me) and more. It’s a great album for CiCi but here’s the problem – those album sales aren’t necessarily up to where she wants them. So, Future’s main squeeze, the Princess of Crunk & B has decided to package her latest LP with her Greatest Hits CD in a bundle deal with Groupon.

That’s right — Groupon.

Here’s how they describe the set:

“Ciara is a Grammy Award–winning R&B singer, songwriter, and producer with five full-length albums to her name. Her latest, Ciara, is a dance-oriented affair with guest appearances from Nicki Minaj and Future. “This album goes beyond my music,” she says of the record. “It’s about my life.” Also included is Ciara’s entry into the Playlist series, which bundles 14 of the singer’s tracks with a booklet, liner notes, and hunk of her aura.”

By “aura” I’m sure they mean the ability to try and dance like her in the “Ride” video. Now, this isn’t to hate on CiCi’s greatest hits CD, I mean “Goodies” rang off in 2005, The Evolution was a pretty serviceable album during undergrad and had everybody singing “Like A Boy”, not to mention “Promise” was pretty much her biggest slow jam track ever. So there’s a bit of merit to this. I mean, if Jay Z and Big Sean can have Samsung deals, who’s to say Ciara can’t get this? Or Lil Mama with Rite Aid? Or Gucci Mane with Carmex?