I don’t think we’ve had a formal discussion on Johnny Manziel but here goes in short.

Johnny Football knows how to troll.

The moment he got ESPN as a platform to do any and everything a privileged college athlete with the right background, he’s pretty much usupred Tim Tebow in ridiculous headlines. There’s the entire ordeal about him and the Manning Passing Academy, Steve Kerr throwing him under the bus during a Dallas Mavericks game, him hating College Station as a town (which, is fair when you’re just 20 and you got a ticket you thought was unjust), and his tweets. He’s the most wanted thing as SEC Media Days. People love him. People hate him. He’s America’s most entertaining reality show that doesn’t belong to Amanda Bynes right now.

I’m quite certain if this were NCAA Football 2006, Manziel would be your quarterback who got a random suspension for four games and you’d constantly worry he’d randomly show up in that screen again.

Look, over the weekend Manziel was at UT. On two separate occasions he caused headlines that are only fit for blogs and football message boards – not the gossipy editions of ESPN/NFL Network what have you. Manziel was at a party at UT on Friday (people are calling it a “frat” party since they want to attach “frat” to every college party when that’s not even the case) when he was promptly asked nicely to get out. Things to note here:

— He’s rocking the pink shirt.
— He got a nearly full beer lobbed at him like a bullet pass from Brett Favre.
— He left with a friend, even after getting told at the 0:16 mark to “get the f–k out!”

Guess what? The story found itself on ESPN. It continued again on Saturday when Manziel, still in Austin instead of College Station decided to go to a UT Fiji Islander party in a Tim Tebow jersey. Not just any Tebow jersey, a Tebow JETS jersey.

The only thing more terrible was that a dude decided to rock a Limas Sweed Pittsburgh Steelers jersey knowing good and damn well the only Sweed jersey that ever mattered was his UT one.

Of course Manziel made Instagram and the photo wound up on Sportscenter — again. So needless to say, Johnny Football knows exactly how to play the media as your supernova young athlete who can pretty much do whatever he wants before the season starts. By the way, they play Alabama September 17 in College Station, fyi. But long live the Summer Of Manziel where a story about him ending up on Maury is the only possible conclusion we have left.