If you’re like me then you watch The Colbert Report and The Daily Show for an alternative take on the mainstream media – and of course the shenanigans pulled by Fox News. Yes, racism is still riding a high these days and leave it to Papa Bear Colbert to help break things down for you. After President Obama delivered his “Trayvon could have been me” speech two weeks ago, Fox’s “statistics” and why .009% of black men are the most feared individuals in America according to them — Colbert had to take action.

In his monologue which is easily one of the Top 5 things ever, Colbert uses his now infamous sarcasm and humor to bring every single point home. The true winner of everything? Those bullet points, each one hitting their mark in the five-minute clip to the point I was in tears watching this on the first go round. I’m now on watch seven still laughing. Kudos to whomever wrote it and if it were a young college kid interning for the summer – give him a job on the spot.