In the land of “Versace” remixes, the one where you literally may have to throw a beat on is king. Frank Ocean took to his trusty Tumblr page earlier this morning to post up lyrics from his impending “Versace” freestyle, levelling more than a few shots at Chris Brown in the process. You know, R&B’s long standing feud between two singers who either can’t actually fight or sneak diss one another at award shows, studios and more.

Why Francis decided to go all MCHG on us and release the lyrics is beyond me but at least we can’t duck and say these are subliminal shots because from the onset, “you could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy, your music is sloppy” refers back to the 2013 Grammy Awards when Frank took home the prize for Best Urban Contemporary Album for Channel Orange. Who stayed in his seat?

As long as this either ends in a dance battle or a series of windmills getting thrown, I’m still intrigued by this beef.