We can be honest about holding our political leaders accountable for their actions or lack thereof. We can be honest about our opinions on race, gender, sexism and other forms of prejudices in the country. But can we also be honest about people offering dissatisfaction just because it doesn’t fit their agenda?

Let us be clear, both radio show host and former BET commentator Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornel West do not particularly like President Barack Obama. Not his policies and actions following certain issues anyway. No, it’s nowhere near Jesse Jackson’s original feelings in 2008 where Jackson was quoted as saying he wanted to “cut the President’s nuts off” but it seems at every moment where Obama’s blackness and power as leader of the free world collide, his actions don’t follow the ideas of West and Smiley.

And they’re very loud and clear about it.

Following the President’s speech last Friday concerning the George Zimmerman verdict, Smiley went on the offensive on Twitter saying the President’s remarks were “weak as pre-sweetened Kool-Aid”. He went on further looking for a “plan of action”, basing his theory on the 1997 White House Race Initiative enacted when former President Bill Clinton was in office. Here’s where Smiley’s message goes directly off the rails and into a pool of misaimed jealousy and agenda pushing.

In the history of our country, there has never been a “plan of action” to deal with racism. There’s no game plan, no offensive or defensive scheme drawn up by even our most brilliant minds to end the nation’s longest cancer. It exists and the fact that the President, who has his own failures and issues, that I won’t skirt around took time out of his day and focused upon that as opposed to say fixing a budget or losing a bit of his cool with Congress for not helping push any new policy to improve the country’s standing economically or anywhere else is telling.

It’s 2013, why exactly does the President of the United States of America – the man who governs over 300 million, not the near 40 million people who claim Black on their taxes need to even speak on race as if it were something on his agenda as if he were running for office again? West, who at times seem to back up Smiley like the 1997 version of Puff Daddy & Ma$e lobs shots at MSNBC claiming that the network and in particular the Reverend Al Sharpton was still on “the Obama plantation” and that Obama himself is a “global George Zimmerman” due to his killing of innocent children abroad in US drone strikes.

Both want the President to do more, to have a giant moral compass about every case that draws national attention since he’s been in office. Or the drug laws that have imprisoned plenty of black and brown men for far longer periods of time than their white counterparts. Neither however, has offered a counterpoint to at least putting a foot down in the fight. Plenty of talk, plenty of argument but little to no change.

Change we should — believe in, right?

You can fault the President and mostly the media for not raising awareness about social issues dealing in our inner cities about black on black crime and how the city of Chicago is a perpetual war-zone where the weekend body count has become an almost normal thing to deal with. I don’t place every single fallacy of current black life on the President and how many believed he was supposed to roll into office like Black Panther and undo every single unimaginable transaction of hate and disenfranchisement lobbed against minorities and especially African Americans.

West & Smiley are notable scholars yet neither may be completely versed in the way that politics work. Much like relationships, its give and take. And America, at least politically is not going to give into a President who is ruthless in fighting every single battle that black people have dealt with for the better part of 400+ years.

And it’s a battle that West & Smiley just need to let go.

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