The next time you see Mr. 16, expect him to be carrying a knapsack of his CD, at all times. Despite being skinny enough to slip through a jail cell if ever necessary, the youthful Headwrecka does one thing than only few in the city can even approach him on, fast talking, grin creating punchlines. The video for “Let Me Get (Back To Grindin)” pits our hero and Doughbeezy along with a stallion inside of a Camaro as 16 does his daily routine of getting dressed, getting a package of his brand of work and enjoying a few rays of sunshine and chicks in cut off shorts. Lil Justin slices up everything to seem like a manic stroll through the hood to heighten menace and everything in between but 16 only tests people at their necks with wicked lyrics, no more and no less. At least we think. Abraham Lincoln is coming soon.