Virginia’s for lovers right? Not according to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who apparently is trying to put something into motion that would ban oral and anal sex between consenting adults in Virginia. That’s right Virginia, your God given right to do whatever you want in the bedroom whether you’re gay or straight is about to be regulated by the gubernatorial candidate because he’s anti-gay and wants to prevent child predators & yes, homosexuals from doing anything in his state.

Wait, isn’t sex between a child and a grown person already illegal? In like, all 50 states already? Right you are faithful reader but here’s the thing. Cuccinelli believes under his “Anti-Child Predator” law would pretty much fall in line with his beliefs that kids could be safe at all times – and that includes keeping you from hearing Too $hort’s “Blowjob Betty” in the right damn context.

If the provision is made into law, nobody knows how its going to be enforced nor does anyone believe the cops are going to run into the homes of couples all over the state to make sure they aren’t in the midst of anal or oral coitus or else they’ll be arrested and locked in jail for a year. Where you’ll probably get sodomized – but wait that’s legal in jail. Oh by the way, did we fail to mention that the Supreme Court already deemed laws like unconstitutional? Yeah, that too.