If there’s one thing we know about certain R&B groups it’s that they’re prone to f*ck ups more than clean runs. Think Bobby Brown with New Edition now. Think Dru Hill breaking up with one another during an interview talking about their reunion album. R&B is a strange, strange world jack and watching the younger version of LSG in TGT happen to slip is kind of sad, and hilarious.

See, during a performance of their new single “I Need”, Tyrese ably sings at about a clearer enuciation rate that what his tweets go far, Tank ably plays the piano like Linus from Peanuts and Ginuwine ably … looks like he’s a deer in the headlights. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Elgin in this particular video? Cause right at the 3:15 mark is where the trainwreck reaches the station. Same Ol’ G clearly flubs a line, the camera cuts to Tank laughing behind the piano like Red Foxx just told a joke just for him, Tyrese can be heard laughing and Ginuwine can only keep looking at the camera, trying to fix his mistake.

Lord, at least we’ll forever have “So Anxious”, “Pony” and “What’s So Different”.