Where do we start with Brother Yeezy?

On Friday, the rapper was once again hounded by paparazzi lying in wait attempting to ask him questions. You know, what he told them not to do in an incident last week. Like any kid who’s been known to react to anything he doesn’t like, Kanye went off again, this time getting into a small scuffle with a photog that now has the attention of the Los Angeles Police Department. West is no stranger to those guys. In 2008, he was charged with felony vandalism for stealing a paps camera.

What makes this incident a bit more funnier than previous ones is that Kanye feels like he’s in on the whole thing, accusing the paparazzi of trying to provoke him “so I have to pay you like, $250,000”. Then he does it anyway. Because when you’ve got money like Kanye West, beating up the paps and paying for it seems like a damn tax write off.

Pictures made the situation look worse than what it is but that’s not all in Kanye world. Early Saturday morning on Twitter the rapper once more launched into one of his “all time” rants, declaring the second verse of “New Slaves” to be the greatest verse in the history of rap music, ever.

Judge away.