Even though they both raked in Scrooge McDuck money with Magna Carta Holy Grail and subsequently staked claim to owning 2013 in their respective fields, longtime friends and associates Timbaland & Jay-Z didn’t quite see eye to eye with one another after The Blueprint 3. So for a brief period of time, the two men couldn’t even share a bottle of Ace or D’usse together without giving each other a bit of ice grilling. Timbo alluded to such an issue in an interview before the launch of the MCHG app and Jay-Z confirmed it in his extensive interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe but Timbo The King explained things in further detail when he sat down with Revolt TV.

The guy who along with Pharrell has made Virginia home to some of the greatest producers ever birthed upon the earth spoke of an apology track on his upcoming album. The track, tentatively titled “Sorry” gives Timbaland room to air out any grievances he had in the situation and admit his faults in the rift. The track’s also set to include Keri Hilson who ever since 2007’s “Turnin’ Me On (Remix)” has been feeling the scorn from every Beyoncé fan imaginable, all without Beyoncé even stating that there was a beef between them in the first place. But in the court of public perception, Keri was sending shots at the throne then and subsequently got attacked and dragged by the BeyHive for the better part of six years now.

Are apology tracks about to be in vogue now? After J.Cole in a way batted lead off with “Let Nas Down” we could be rolling into an era where rappers begin to dead beef by not using interviews but also whatever goes on in the studio. I mean, it comes after the “beef era” where we had Young Buck crying tears on the phone to 50 Cent in some shady business but if all of this winds up with everybody making a giant super remix apologizing to Wale for everything they ever said about him then so be it. As far as Timbo’s track? I’m sure it’s a bit on the cringe worthy side but at least it let him work with Jay to craft what might wind up as one of the best albums of the year.

Photo Credit – Soletron