Chris Almighty, what is up with the state of Florida? If it’s not the Zimmerman case or the woman who chose Lil Wayne over the safety of her kids, it’s this. Rashia Wilson, 27, had earned herself quite the distinction among her friends for her newfound wealth, so much that she copped an Audi A8 (worth $90,000), spent major loot on her son’s birthday ($30,000), bought Gucci, Prada & Louis Vuttion handbags and more with her ill gotten gains to the tune of $20 million.

Well as we all know, Uncle Sam don’t play and Wilson was caught for wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and a litany of other charges. The cops began sniffing around the Tampa area once they noticed a decrease in drug dealing in the area (?!) and concocted a plan entitled “Operation Rain Maker” to nab Wilson.

How did the cops get on to her and her “Money Ain’t A Thang” habits? Simple – her Facebook account.

‘I’m Rashia, the queen of IRS tax fraud,’ the post stated. ‘I’m a millionaire for the record, so if U think indicting me will B easy it won’t, I promise you! U need more than black and white to hold me down N that’s to da rat who went N told, as if 1st lady don’t have da TPD under her spell. I run Tampa right now.’

Wilson, who was diagnosed as bi-polar at the age of 14 won’t see the light of day until she turns 48 years old. The mother of three who has had countless run ins with Florida law enforcement due to her extensive criminal history wasn’t even allowed to kiss her kids goodbye as she was led off to jail.