Jhene Aiko - Bed Peace (Rap Up Sessions)

Jhené Aiko’s been somewhat of a tease of late, making the most of her feature appearances on songs for J. Cole, Big Sean, and Cocaine.80s and for her own part, dropping the sweetest yet shortest of tracks and remaining very shut-in regarding her highly-anticipated Def Jam Records debut album soul(ed) Out. However, Aiko has revealed that she has an EP planned, Sail Out, consisting of songs that didn’t make it onto soul(ed) Out and which should make the wait for the album more bearable. This past weekend, Jhené joined Rap-Up Sessions to perform the first single off Sail Out, entitled “Bed Peace.”

Jhené’s striking girl-next-door features and innocent with something to hide charm on full display as she sings, “Bed Peace” as a song seems to highlight both of these qualities, telling the story of a girl who has to handle business she’d rather not on the daily (“Gotta get this paper, stack up…/ Gotta act like I care about this fake stuff, straight up”), when all she wants to do is laze around carefree, stay in bed a little longer, and spend time with her honey. There’s a subtly seductive quality to it, for sure.

Jhené Aiko’s Souled Out album is due out in late 2013, but her Sail Out EP should arrive very soon.

[via OnSMASH]