How does one become the worst mother in the world on Twitter? Simple, you enrage everybody who ever bore a child just because you left your toddlers inside of your car just to go see Lil Wayne sing about … well, the things you probably did to get said children.

Brittany Harris found herself on the wrong side of the law Sunday night when she was arrested following the first stop of the America’s Most Wanted tour at the Cruzan Amphitheater. The whole ordeal is broken down in detail over at Steph’s place but let’s just say after getting backstage passes from T.I.’s wife, Tiny, Brittany determined that the best course of action for her kids was not to leave them with a babysiter, or even a stranger who could have at least been regalled with groupie tales of being backstage to smell how dank Lil Wayne’s dreads smell or how T.I. has the best Southern vernacular of any parent this side of Cliff Huxtable.


Nope, ol’ Brittany did the ratchet thing and left them in the car.

The photos that deliver more groupie-isms and damming evidence might be the worst part of all. Any real groupie worth a bit of salt will tell you that you don’t put ANYTHING on social networks until AFTER the job is done but I guess “Red” here didn’t get the memo. Jesus take the wheel, drive 55 and make sure there are no lights flashing behind you.