Hundreds of Houstonians peacefully marched through Third Ward earlier this evening in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict. The march continued on towards a stretch of 288 where protesters blocked vehicles and continued moving in anger, disgust and pain over the verdict. Carrying a coffin, protesters walked across Southmore and downward onto the highway in a sea of colors and races.

Zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder in the February 26 shooting death of teenage Trayvon Martin.


Images: Trevor Piper

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  1. Retards

    It isn’t peaceful when you shut down a busy freeway, that is illegal. I would not have stopped in traffic. Bunch of retards.

  2. Racist to yourself

    Good thing i take 59. Go Protest at Yellowstone where i got robed black on black crime.

  3. pappysteel

    Typical view of peaceful, blocking moms and dads from getting home, from taking their kids to the doctor, blame others, don’t take responsibility, what others can I say. Oh ya a black man murdered a black firefighter in front of his daughter today. Where are you protesting now?

  4. DDW

    i agree with the protest, but we have to stop the Black on Black crime, it is a serious issue.

    • Neil Parker

      I was just curious is ignorance truly bliss? I thought you might know since your statement is exactly that. While I agree that black on black crime is a problem, you are agreeing with a protest that is not about that. It is about white on black crime (which is not any where near as major a problem that black on black crime is) that the protestors are acting a fool over. Therefore, by your own statement you are supporting a protest that is not protesting the “serious issue” that you seem to feel needs to be protested. By the way, “the crime” that is being protested was declared self-defense by the jurors of the case therefore they are not actually protesting a crime at all.

  5. You2Know

    Um, hey Retard, the protesters were crossing 288, not just standing there blocking traffic. Pedestrians legally have the right of way. And the protest started after 7pm, so doctor’s offices are closed. Who do you think you’re manipulating with your retarded comments?

    • Kam

      actually crossing highways is illegal because foot traffic is illegal on highways… get your shit staight

      • You2Know

        Funny, no one was arrested and no major media source mentions your archaic legality claims. Obviously they received clearance from authorities prior to the protest. Face reality!

  6. John

    How about these black people get a job’s then they wouldn’t have time for this crap!!!

  7. clambydaham

    There would have been a lot of people bouncing off the hood of my car…..

  8. thethreat

    Thank god I dont drive by Third Ward…because I’m not poor #zimmermanforprez16

  9. Jake

    these people are so pathetic. grow up we have a justice system and this is how it works.

  10. T

    I see a sea of colors, as in different colored clothing….

    And a sea of one race… and last I checked light skinned african americans are still considered black….

    Trayvon’s death although a tragedy was justified in self defense….. I doesn’t make anyone feel good, it just makes it legal to defend yourself.


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