If comic book fans already have a built in disdain for Hollywood directors picking up material and not necessarily sticking to the original source then manga fans should have even more disdain about it. The 2003 Korean revenge flick Oldboy is revered in cinema circles overseas and fans of the Old Boy manga. It’s a story about vengeance from the aspect of being locked in captivity for nearly twenty years. Should be easy material for a remake, right?

Wrong. As much as I happen to love Spike Lee as a director, you can honestly say that he hasn’t necessarily hit a film out of the park since 2006’s Inside Man. That’s seven years ago. He does have a bit of charm about him in picking different films such as his underrted World War II pic Miralce At St. Anna and his two documentaries on Hurricane Katrina but him being behind the lens for Oldboy is either going to drive folks up a cliff or make them plop down in theaters to figure out how does Josh Brolin reconnect with the world after twenty years of imprisonment inside of a hotel room and given the opportunity to exact revenge on those who did this to him.

Plus, there’s Samuel L. Jackson being menacing with a blonde mohawk so take that for what it’s worth. Also, it’s another potentially dope movie that Will Smith passed on to film After Earth because America needs him sitting in a chair for an hour and forty minutes. We’ll see how Spike’s version of Old Boy works when its released in October.