Juicy J - Yet

Need just a little ratchet to get you through your boring Monday following your epic Jouvert Essence 4th of July weekend? Of course you do, and when ratchet anthems are called for, Juicy J is the obvious choice. The Taylor Gang’er’s Stay Trippy album is just a few weeks away, but he unveiled a brand new track on Friday entitled “Yet.”

Joining Mike Crazy on the production end of things, “Yet” has Juicy J indulging in just a bit of smack talk and a few threats, while bragging about the money he intends to spend. Chances are, after listening to this, you’ll either be inclined to twerk something in your cubicle, or to crow at and call out your coworker during lunch with J’s kind words, “These n*ggas really bout that life/ you out here fakin’ it!”

No word yet on whether “Yet” will make it onto Juicy J’s Stay Trippy album, which drops in August; but for now anyway, you can enjoy the anthem for free.