In case you were wondering, yes Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap tape is still the most complete mixtape released this year. It’s high brained, spacious and pretty much carries more memorable hooks and vocal cadences than anything our ears have been blessed with. Capturing that scatterbrained bit of work and containing it in regular moments is hard, trapping it in a hue of weed smoke and glazed over eyes is another. Letting Slim K and the Chopstars drape it in coats of purple and slowing every squawk and “na-na-na” into slowed parables of greatness? Just what the future doctor ordered.

All of Chance’s vocal inflections, cadences and spaces in between get tangled under OG Ron C & Slim K’s tantalizing web, making an already enjoyable tape probably enough to covert a few people who still refuse to believe what Chance Bennett did to music this past April. Just pour up, get some cocoa butter kisses and press on.