The plan after college is to work at a pretty decent job, figure out how to move up the ladder and eventually peak at near CEO or something, right? For Pittsburgh’s own Ray Dawn, that was the idea to trade stock on Wall Street or work at a bank and become something more than the light skinned brother at the bank, word to Christopher Williams. Somehow, music took its hold, Raymond turned into Ray Dawn and steadily began building a buzz in the Steel City.

For the past two years or so we’ve connected, chatted, shared Starbucks and a few other moments of debauchery in Atlanta and Austin. Which leads us to The Bar Exam, Ray’s latest adventure where he decides instead of just releasing a string of freestyles over the more current beats going in rotation, he’s tossing out a snack pack of stream of consciousness rhymes. The first episode, modeled after Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law sees Ray piling up more similes and metaphors over Action Bronson, Pusha T & Mac Miller’s latest creations, all with the intent to prove that not just a damn good tastemakers on Starbucks, but a pretty damn good rapper too.

Oh, and we’re presenting the entire series so there’s that too.