It’s perhaps the biggest night for Black Twitter as a collective annually. That’s right, people – the 2013 BET Awards are airing tonight. You may remember the Day & A Dream Team giving you a heads up on a few of the things In store starting tonight at 8 PM/ 7 PM central time, such as the fact that Chris Tucker is hosting, as well as which artists were nominated for what.

As the BET Awards’ tagline this year is “Anything can happen” (“ANNAYTHANG!” *Chris Tucker voice*), and to further build up your anticipation for the madness hype to come on all social networking forms tonight, we decided to list eight things that might well happen on tonight’s awards.

8. Day & A Dream Will Get Snubbed Again for Best Blog

Which is fine, because the “Best Blog” Award is only handed out on the red carpet anyway. However, I must admit that “we just want the credit where it’s due.” Next year – Day&’s fifth year in existence, at that – we expect our invite, BET.

7. The Gabrielle Union Slander Will Be Epic

Given that our favorite housewrecker strategic seductress not named Olivia Pope has her own drama series debuting on BET this fall, you can expect Gabrielle Union to not only plug her upcoming show but also invoke the wrath of Black female twitter, who as a collective foolishly believe she can’t act and look pretty at the same time (no comment) and are still salty that 2013 BET Humanitarian Award recipient Dwyane Wade cuffed her over his baby mama.

6. Somebody’s Going to F*ck Up The Charlie Wilson Tribute

And if they mess up “There Goes My Baby,” it will be tragic. Chances are, most of the 90s and 00s babies (and maybe even a few 80s babies, honestly) will be a little lost by the performed catalog, but who will be on hand to recreate The Gap Band? That’s what I want to know.

5. In An Unprecedented Move, Miguel Will Beat Justin Timberlake for Best R&B/Pop Artist; The-Dream Might Rant

Even though “Suit & Tie” all but took over radio and commercials alike following its official unveiling back in March, Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience won’t be strong enough on its own to propel Timberlake to a BET Award. Instead, this year’s recipient of Best Male R&B/Pop Artist – which, quite frankly, might as well have been named the Usher Raymond Award – will be Miguel, whose Kaleidoscope Dream album was great enough to receive a Grammy award, and who was all over the place musically in 2012.

If we’re lucky, someone – hopefully a certain someone with the government name “Terius Nash” – will commence an epic twitter rant about his snub and about how R&B and pop music should never be lumped in together to begin with.

4. Nicki Minaj Will Win Best Female Rap Artist To The Surprise of No One, Proudly Displaying Her Derriere on Stage

I mean, come on – when your only competition is Azealia Banks, Eve, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Rasheeda, and Whoever Whoever Rye Rye, what’s to stop you from taking the award for Best Female Rap Artist for the another consecutive year? Absolutely nothing, even though if we were honest, your most spectacular contribution to the genre in 2012 was “Starships.”

Granted, we’re still shocked that Rapsody finally got overdue shine on BET and wasn’t even nominated in the category at all; but here’s hoping at the 2014 BET Awards, there’s actually parity and worthy femcee competition listed for a change.

3. The Annual Gospel Medley Portion Will Be Followed by A Live Performance of “Pop That” or “Problems”

In the same vein of sweet irony where a skin-foundation-cream-commercial was aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network during a showing of the documentary Dark Girls, after we’re treated to spectacular praise and worship for all of six minutes in BET’s usual gospel medley, either French Montana or A$AP Rocky will proceed shortly thereafter to repopulate our television screens with plenty of expletives and sexual references.

2. The First Fifteen Minutes of the Show Will Be All “YAAAAAAS BEY” Everything On Your Timeline

With Beyoncé Knowles-Carter set to open the BET Awards for the first time since breaking out “the uhohuhohuhoh booty dance” for “Crazy in Love” years back, you can bet that Bey has quite a performance in store for us all. We’re hoping that Beyoncé rejects diving  into her 4 catalog and instead opts to perform one of her more recent tracks, if not the sophisti-ratchet anthem “Bow Down,” then likely “Grown Woman” (we’d like to hope Bey will premiere a new track off her upcoming album at the awards).

If you are smart, you already muted and blocked “YAAAAS,” “King Bey,” “Blue Ivy,” and “BeyHive” an hour ago.

1. Smokey Will Return… Reminding Us That We’re STILL Waiting for “Last Friday”

With Chris Tucker hosting, you already know that there’s a Smokey skit coming up at some point during the awards. Ice Cube, who’s a little preoccupied with Bud Light’s “Search for the Coldest” Tour at the moment, sadly might not be present to reprise the role of Craig. But maybe, just maybe, there might be a John Witherspoon or Faizon Love as Big Worm sighting. Lord knows I wouldn’t be mad if Mrs. Parker comes out in the booty shorts and wrapped-in-a-knot sleeveless top and bends over for Smokey on stage for old times’ sake.