Looks like Baby & Slim are going to be forking over some of their payroll space to a good reverend.

Al Sharpton is the latest author to join Cash Money’s publishing wing as his latest book The Reject Stone (out October 8) will be released under the Williams brothers imprint. The book details Sharpton’s “personal evolution” from street activist in New York to political candidate, civil rights spokesman and talk show host on CNBC. The book will also include Sharpton’s thoughts on Lil Wayne and other rappers, hoping to have some positive dialogue.

Sharpton’s name is no stranger to Cash Money. In 2008 the reverend sparred with Wayne over his usage of the n-word and the b-word and told the Associated Press, “Just because we disagree doesn’t mean we have to be disagreeable.”

There hasn’t been any word on whether or not Sharpton fears having to sue Cash Money but expect a headline in the near future.