Back in 1934, the city of St. Louis pushed through a bill that made condoms and other prophylactics illegal. Despite there being condom sales in the city since then, the law still remains on the books and is just now in the process of getting repealed because of high STD rates, teen pregnancies and St. Louis’s probable love of the pull out method.

According to STL Today, Ward 25 Alderman Shane Cohn sponsored a bill to repeal the near 80-year old local ordinance. The ordinance states it’s illegal to make “for sale, or give away, within the City, any contraceptive or sex-inciting device or contrivance or any prophylactic rubber goods or prophylactic membranes or to own or be in charge of any vending machine dispensing any such article or to be in charge of any premises where such vending machine is maintained or where any such device is displayed or is dispensed by any means whatsoever.”

The only people who can give you condoms? Pharmacists & doctors. Meaning, you would technically need a prescription for condoms in the S-T-L. STD rates in the city have been high for decades and as of last year ranked second-highest for chlamydia & gonorrhea rates and 16th in syphilis rates when compared to other U.S. cities.