Photo Credit: xphaqtor

If you were a J.Cole stan, last night’s dollar show at House Of Blues was for you. If you weren’t then you probably would have to bear with your friends yelling for a new song you had no idea about. Either way, Cole World gave the people what they wanted with a dizzying setlist that ventured from album material (“Sideline Story”, “Crooked Smile”) to lauded mixtape cuts (“Before I’m Gone, “Grown Simba”) and more. Earlier in the day he revealed that he would go back and re-release The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights to retailers, said that Nas was already proud of him long before we heard it and kept it quiet that Kendrick Lamar would be joining him for “Forbidden Fruit”. Now chart the day J.Cole took over Houston thanks to Devi Dev, Sama’an Ashrawi and xphaqtor.

“Can I Live”
“Grown Simba”
“Premeditated Murder”
“Back To The Topic (Freestyle)”
“You Got It”
“Sideline Story”
“Nobody’s Perfect”
“Lit” w/ Bas
“Chris Tucker”
“Kenny Lofton”
“Lights Please”
“In The Morning”
“Lost Ones”
“Crooked Smile”
“Forbidden Fruit” w/ Kendrick Lamar
“HiiiPoWeR” (Kendrick Lamar)
“Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Kendrick Lamar)
“Power Trip”