Al Bello/Getty Images

As a fighter, Adrien Broner is talented. Gifted. And now a champion in three different weight classes. The 23-year old welterweight from Cincinnati made good on all of his pre-fight shit talk in the lead up to his fight with Paulie Malignaggi by winning a split decision over the Brooklyn native and winning the WBA Welterweight title. It was the first fight at 147 for Broner who improved to 27-0 with 22 knockouts.

However, the real fun and games came in the post-fight where Broner not only shouted out Worldstar, made his father brush his hair, showed off his 18-karat grill, said he had no worries because he came to the ring with French Montana, asked his fans to pick his next fight to dispel the notion that he ducks fighters and then dropped the ultimate slander shot to Malignaggi, “I came into town, took his belt and his girl.”

The woman in question, Jessica Corazon obviously meant something to Paulie as he made a complete beeline towards Broner, hysterical and upset at the disrespect. Unbeknownst to him, he basically created a trending topic all on his own with, “Don’t be talkin’ about my side piece!”

Just for good measure? The Brooklyn fighter said the fight was fixed despite most media ringside judging otherwise.