“Houston holds on to stuff too long,” noted rapper/producer George Young remarked on Twitter. For a city that doesn’t care much about preserving its historical landmarks, he couldn’t be more wrong. Hotels have been demolished all throughout the medical center, downtown and more to make way for new ones. Hell, our most noted landmark in terms of recreation and amusement got wiped off the map for what should have ben a parking lot. Instead it’s a field of grass.

The Astrodome however seems to be piece of Houston history to endure.

Yesterday, the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation came to an agreement that the dome should be renovated, not demolished and offered a proposal of $194 million to gut the dome’s interior and craft a center capable of hosting community events, sports and other convention events. The reuse idea starves off the notion that the building is on the verge of “extinction” according to USA Today.

“It has taken a long time to get to this point,” Harris Country Judge Ed Emmett said. “But I believe the concept for repurposing the Astrodome will give us a facility that will garner much attention and will make us the events capital of the world.”

The floor of the dome will be raised to street level so that viewers outside can see what’s going on indoors, glass panels would be installed in four sections of the Dome to allow outsiders to view what’s going on as well. Those colorful orange seats would be torn out but temporary seating would be installed for some sporting events.

Dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World when it was initially erected in 1965, the world’s first domed stadium can be seen as a blithe to its younger, newer neighbor Reliant Stadium. It’s covered in dust, mold and infested with rats. Since it housed survivors of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Astrodome has been seldom used and its doors were shut in 2009 due to safety concerns.

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