Looks like a battle between #OldRules & #NewRules as Jay-Z & Universal Music Group are battling with Soundscan to count Samsung’s massive purchase of one million albums of Magna Carta Holy Grail to sell them at $5 each. Jay touted he went platinum in a day, Nielsen says otherwise.

A rep for Nielsen Soundcan told MTV, “Billboard doesn’t count bulk sales”. Meaning, even if you or I decided to buy such a large quantity of albums and then give them away as a party promotion or a favor (cough, follow Day & A Dream on Twitter, get a new Jay-Z album), they wouldn’t count necessarily. The rules differ for companies such as Wal-Mart or Target purchasing albums because they intend to sell them at a set price.

That being said, let’s see who makes the first move to either adhere to the #oldrules or play with the #newrules.