Somehow, Migos debut mixtape Young Rich Niggas has enveloped the mindset of rap critics and trap fanboys alike as opposed to Kanye West’s Yeezus album. While the latter is highly experimental and riddled with enough oddball moments (see sampling “Strange Fruit” & C-Murder’s eternally great “Down 4 My Niggas” for a song about a woman), the former doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t. It’s bound to aggravate people and also compel tons of buoyancy towards them. Simple as that. There’s no clear derivative between them and any other facets of Atlanta’s trap scene but there’s a full awareness here about what the group is (minimalist, mindless fun) and what they want to accomplish. “Holmes” is radiantly addictive with Gucci Mane and the incarcerated Young Scooter and somehow they snapped up on “Hannah Montana” just as Miley Cyrus evolved into a twerk enthusiast delivering underwhelming results. RiFF RaFF, Soulja Boy & Trinidad Jame$ all appear in some form or fashion wrapping themselves around beats from Zaytoven, C4 and others.


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