On his Instagram page, Bun B is known to take a lot of pictures. Sneakers, his misadventures in the Gumball 3000, scenery and of course, his love of different cuisines, sushi especially. He’s a foodie, we’re foodies and so is Premium Pete of “The Combat Jack Show”. Seeing that they had so much in common, Bun & Pete recently teamed together to launch a website strictly for hip-hop foodies YouGottaEatThis!

Bloggers from all over the world have been picked to share and post their culinary discoveries. The website provides a level of interactivity for users in which any average food lover can upload pictures of what they ate on any particular day to the sites #WDYET section to be featured on the site.

The site features sections for pizza, snacks, restaurants, even vegetarian cuisine.

Via the official press release:

Iconic rapper Bernard “Bun B” Freeman of UGK fame and Social Media Connoisseur Peter “Premium Pete” Gibaldi of The Combat Jack Show and SneakerTube.TV have joined forces to launch the new foodie website www.YouGottaEatThis.com.

Their passion for finding the perfect meal will be the premiere destination for foodies to discuss their latest culinary discoveries, recipes, restaurant reviews, dishes and much more. Viewers can also submit their photos to the What Did You Eat Today section and share it with the world.

Part on-line magazine, part social media platform, You Gotta Eat This! will feature something for everyone—from fried food fanatics to health food junkies, to five star restaurants and even food trucks; if there’s an irresistible meal to be eaten, You Gotta Eat This! will cover it!

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