Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Doris’ Album Might Drop in July [@earlxsweat]

Earl Sweatshirt Doris news 575x575 Earl Sweatshirts Doris Album Might Drop in July [@earlxsweat]

Last night, Odd Future’s own Earl Sweatshirt let loose three slightly cryptic tweets on his twitter account.




The “THAT EXACTLY” that Earl mentions has led many – including this blogger – to believe that Young Sweatshirt has his sights set on the end of next month to release his much-anticipated debut album, Doris. Here’s hoping before June ends at least, that Earl gives us a little something more from Doris before July hits; since, you know, “Chum” and “Guild” are all but firmly entrenched in the iTunes “Most Played” at this point.

 Earl Sweatshirts Doris Album Might Drop in July [@earlxsweat]

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