Two days ago, the world started to turn around on Chicago’s Alex Wiley. His Club Wiley mixtape had just been released, chock full of celebrated features from The Hood Internet, Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, Vic Mensa, Jean Deaux and Wiley’s very intoxicating personality which on wax can flip from your standard sixteen dropped in a metronome like fashion to a rather unique sing-song double time that will send you running up and down the block like running a hundred yard sprint. It goes, it takes you places and when you figure out what the hell just happened, you want to start all over again.

Naturally, the Chicago rapper emerges from an medium that found plenty of inspiration from another Chicago guy who found a breakthrough by dressing up in a bear costume and rapping about more relatable topics than possibly ever before from a big named rap artist. Kanye West will forever be a monument to plenty of artists in the Chi and paying homage with a cut like “Spaceship Pt. II” only drives the point home even more. For tracklisting purposes, it’s number four, right before the Freddie Gibbs assisted banger “Creepin”. There’s an appearance from GLC who showed up hoping for his family and friends after his dead end job on the original and Chance The Rapper, Chicago’s current rapper du jour that operates inside of his own ambience. Naturally the three components mesh well, continuing the mantra high school students and college kids alike have been muttering for over a decade now, “If my manager insults me again, I will be assaulting him.”

What “Spaceship Pt. II” does is take you back to when you originally fell in love with that mustard yellow and brown CD. What Club Wiley does is bring you face to face with another emerging member of Chicago’s rap class – one that’s starting to become rather infinite as time progresses.