Htown RapUp

Is it June already? With every increasing day and move even we had to sit back and watch everything happen. That’s the best explanation we have with Houston rap over these past two weeks. Concerts, tracks, showcases, announcements and more. A lot can happen in the city in a two week span, even when a Boss Hogg decides to navigate through the lane and make quite certain everybody else is reaching for straws.

The official eighth edition of the H-Town Rap Up comes on the heels of Le$, the most able bodied chameleon within the BHO camp able to riff on West Coast ideas and moments on one tape, pack the slab and head to the East Coast for another – he firmly finds himself at his best when all of those blend into one chilled out melting pot. It’s why E36 remains a constant fixture among fans and critics alike. So it should come as no surprise that L-E-Dolla reigns supreme at the top of this week’s H-Town Rap Up, at least for this week.

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