Summer Fest9

A record 100,000 people from all walks of life were in attendance at Eleanor Tinsley Park for 2 days of organized chaos better known as Free Press Summer Fest this past weekend. In the fifth year of its existence, the eclectic festival continued to up the stakes attracting performances from the hottest names in Top 40, huge corporate sponsors, and thousands of rabid music fans. Set during the commencement of summer the extreme heat played a big part in the level of enjoyment for some participants.

Majority of the attendees were inebriated from the consumption of several different vices and weren’t too concerned about the heat factor. However, it was hard to ignore seeing as how everyone and there barely there clothing remained drenched from perspiration.

Summer Fest8

Meek Mill was right, it’s levels to this sh*t… Lots of fans upgraded their festival experience by purchasing “Fancy Pants” or “High Rollers” tickets that came with a private entrance to the festival, festival memorabilia, and most importantly access to the centralized air conditioned trailers filled with free grabs from event sponsors like Cracker Jack’d. Insert your own 99% vs. 1% jokes here.

While most fans came for the live music many art connoisseurs enjoyed the various art installations spread throughout the park. One of the biggest issues festival goer’s had this year was how lackluster the lineup was compared to year’s past. Complaints of inflation on the cost of water and the intolerable port-a-potties came in as a close second.

At least some people got their monies worth. Others maybe not. But that’s the deal with a festival – nobody is truly happy about what goes on unless they get the perks.

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Photos: @whosJordanLee