Summer Fest13

Once you wake up and quit sleeping on the many shows and festivals that regularly flow through Texas; you’ll be surprised at how many can be found right here in Houston. I’ve lived in Houston since 2005, graduated from the University of Houston in 2010 and somehow decided through faith, good look and a random weekend where my bartending services weren’t required that I could festival it out at Free Press Summer Festival. Somehow, this was year four of the festival and for three consecutive years I had whiffed on each one. That’s right, no of Montreal in 2009, no Girl Talk in 2010, no Bun B tearing things down in 2011 and not a single moment last year where I could have caught Snoop Dogg & Willie Nelson. And the got damn Time. THE TIME.

As The Notorious B.I.G. once quoted, “things done changed” this year.

As I made the hike from downtown to Eleanor Tinsley Park I was awakened to a land of musical wonder; an eclectic mix of bands and voices floating through the air. While I was treated to seeing the reunification of the legendary Geto Boys (well 2/3rds of them anyway), it was their first performance together after 20 years no less. Some smart person at the festival figured it would be best to stagger Scarface & Willie D right next to 2 Chainz, which by and large meant that if you stood in between the Neptune & Saturn stage you were hit with a slab of funk, heat, drums and 2 Chainz.

Because we live in a universe where 2 Chainz is an awesome being sent from the land of T.R.U. that has a rule for no fighting at his shows unless it’s to “Riot”. Festivals, if you haven’t gone is not about seeing the same acts you’ve seen at your favorite hole in the wall spots. Well, unless you’ve followed them from the beginning of their career that’s the exception. It’s about discoveries of new talent and new names and faces.

Like, Nick Greer & The G’s.

Brando has raved about Nick, Piper has said he jammed and the man with the slightly screeching vocals once more took the FPSF stage on Saturday afternoon following The Niceguys and completely won me over. A gangly, red hair soul with full command of the stage. After watching his colorful yet raw performance I couldn’t help but wonder, “how the hell had I missed these guys?”

However, there are most certainly things I will take into the next outdoor festival I chose to attend – and you should heed these things too.

5 Things I Wish I Had Known:

5. I was told to “dress comfortably.” In an outdoor festival with 90+ degree heat, this really means “girl just wear a swimsuit, a backpack and a church fan.” Sadly nobody told me this. So when I saw ill-fitting bikinis, shirtless dudes who were so fluent in bro-speak I thought I was in a bad Judd Apatow movie and more, I quickly knew for the better.

4. You will see someone vomit; be glad if you are not directly within the splatter trajectory. Also, said girl will vomit, wipe herself sort of clean and then get back to raving.

3. Don’t wear your hair down. In fact, don’t wear hair at all if you can help it. An outdoor festival is not for wedges, heels and the idea of looking “club cute”. Your edges will be gone, your makeup will be smeared and you won’t at all feel the same.

2. You’ll be introduced to bands and acts from around the country, writing their names down or grabbing a CD is a whole lot easy than trying to remember (that guy with the red hair.)

1. If you have Sprint you will have zero service. (Never mind, I already knew this one.)

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