Let’s be real with one thing – until ‘Scandal’ came around, no show was more must-tweet TV than ‘Catfish’. And since Nev Schulman & his trusty assistant Max Joseph have become more than famous thanks to that entire Manti Te’o situation developing on top of the popularity of the show – season 2 had to be made. And all season 2 proves is that there are people just like Te’o who fall for people who simply don’t exist or are made up entirely.

Here’s where my skepticism kicks in. Everybody has heard of the first season so by fault, there are either going to be plenty of people who appear on the show to actually tell their story or a bunch of crazies jumping in on the ‘Catfish’ craze to get 15-minutes of fame. Or possibly both. Either way, the show returns on June 25th and none of us may be the same after watching it. A preview of season two, ‘Hooked On Catfish: The Road To Season 2 airs on June 17th with a look at Cassie, a woman who’s has never met her Atlanta-rapper fiance named Steve & Anthony, an Iraq war vet who is intrigued by a mysterious man who only goes by Marq.