Angel Haze - No Bueno

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the sole femcee selection of XXL Magazine’s 2013 Freshman Class was picked merely to make a quota or as filler. The East Coast spitter – born Raykeea Wilson – has captured ears, eyes, and perhaps even a few hearts with her releases over the last two years, whether it was via her The Voice or Classick EPs, or her full-length Reservation project. Now, as she puts the finishing touches on her upcoming debut album Dirty Gold and having performed the track in full for the first time in London last week, Angel Haze finally let loose Dirty Gold‘s first single, “No Bueno.”

With near deafening rock guitars playing out in the background, Haze uses her raw and rapid fire flow on the verses to craft a vicious assault on her competition in the rap game. And yet, when Angel sings on “No Bueno’s” hook, it gives an ironically slightly calming effect to the song’s otherwise frantic nature.

Stream and download Angel Haze’s “No Bueno” single below. Haze’s Dirty Gold project arrives this coming fall.

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