“We haven’t been on stage in Houston in 20 years,” Scarface, one of rap’s greatest elder statesmen and one third of the most pioneering southern rap group in history roared. This summed up the satisfaction of catching the Geto Boys, an incarnation missing Bushwick Bill on this day along with a crowd of youths who knew of them via the cult classic Office Space to older heads who knew Willie D’s Controversy LP from CD insert to its final track “F–k Me Now”. 20 years later, they’re now pop culture stars, trivia answers for Chrysler ads and owners of Houston’s most famous rap song.

Of course, Willie was his crass self braying “pussy” like it was the greatest word ever invented and gave the large crowd in front of the Saturn Stage but the Boys from the Southside never lost their cool, Scarface beatboxing at times, dropping acapella verses in others.

Once Willie asked for a moment of silence for the members of the Houston Fire Department who lost their lives in a terrible fire Friday afternoon, he then dedicated 2003’s “When It Gets Gangsta” to them, fitting since knowing the consequences of your job and sticking to that code might be the most gangsta thing of all.

But there’s still the elephant in the room – where the hell was Bushwick? According to Face, he was arrested by the cops for being caught smoking weed on the group’s RV. It’s a plausible explanation considering that the GBs haven’t been the most punctual unit in hip-hop. But, there was the short lunatic appearing on the Neptune stage with the rest of his Geto brothers, snapping a photo with 2 Chainz.